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 Shades of Intellect is a collection of illustrated short stories and editorial pieces. The next chapter in the Jackson Dark saga is available in these pages. This book will be available for every digital platform from Draft2Digital. It is in paperback on  and there is a special hardback edition available on  



The Infinite is a continuing graphic novel saga chronicling the life and adventures of, immortal, Jonathan Steele.  Steele and his sect were created in ancient times as a first line of defense against supernatural evils. The first storyline,Witness for the Persecution, introduces the character and his conflicts.  The first issue of the series was premiered on May 6, 2017 (Free Comic Book Day) at World's Coolest Comics and Toys in Greenville, NC. After that date, it was made available in expanded print form and digitally on and BarnesandNoble.comand in e-book form on every digital platform through and ComixologyIssue number two is now available. The Infinite: Witness for the Persecution, Issue One Coloring Book is now available; on sale at and

  (Issue One Adult Coloring Book)


Mark of the Beast is a mystery novel that relates the first story of Jackson Dark. Dark is a Savannah, GA based freelance graphic artist & writer, who supplements his income as a licensed private investigator.  The novel details how Dark gathers evidence against the Organized Crime figure, Frankie "The Beast" Calabrese, proving that Frankie murdered Dark's good friend several years prior to the events of the story. The novel is now available in print from both and and in various e-book formats through Draft2Digital.  


Reflections is a children's book, written by close friend and former coworker, Jennifer A. Gunn, with illustrations, editing and pre-press work by Trevor L. Wooten. It chronicles a day in the life of young Kymber Prudence, as she ventures beyond her familiar surroundings and learns that there are certain things that all people have in common, regardless of superficial differences. Reflections is currently available in print and as an e-book on and on 



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