Infinite Creations

The site for graphic art, creative writing, and self-published fiction.

The IC Mission Statement


Hello.  My name is Trevor L. Wooten.  Infinite Creations evolved from an impassioned idea to a tangible reality in October 2004.  Since that time, it has been my ultimate goal that Infinite Creations be a company that offers freelance illustration, graphic design and creative writing services to both commercial and individual consumers, as well as being a source of publication for my creator-owned novels, graphic novels and short fiction.  It is my intent to create and publish diverse characters and worlds, including strong women of varying body types.  There will be an emphasis on story with an overriding tenet of inclusion that reflects the world that we inhabit. 


In addition to e-book publishing, both Barnes & Noble and Amazon present me with a means of providing books in print form without the high overhead associated with printing and distribution. I have finished the mystery novel with spot illustrations, Mark of The Beast. I have also illustrated and provided prepress work for a children's book entitled Reflections: A Kymber Prudence Tale, which was written by a good friend and former coworker.   Both books are now available for purchase in print and digital form on and The first 2 issues (of 3) of my comic book mini-series, The Infinite: Witness For The Persecution, have now been completed. They will be available in print and digital form from and Barnes and  In addition to those sites, I will be offering almost every format of e-book from Draft2Digital and  Comixology.


On a freelance basis, I offer hand-drawn and digital illustrations for tattoos, publication covers, interior pages, sequential stories, storyboards and portraits.  Digital prepress work and computer coloring are also available.  I can provide designs for logos, business cards and advertisements.  Page designs and typesetting services are also available.  I have experience in writing scripts, prose, poetry, editorials and objective reports.  My writing services also include editing and proofreading of drafts.  Please contact me to inquire about services that may not be listed here. 


This website will serve as an online portfolio of my writing and art work, and as a source of news for repeat customers.  Likewise, current publication dates will be available here.  I will also be posting on Facebook (, Instagram ( and Twitter (@TLWooten_Art) and offering blog posts on WordPress ( and Medium (  Infinite Creations related products will be available at ( Links are on the Home Page. Please feel free to utilize the Contact Us page for questions, comments or order information.  I look forward to hearing from you.